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Automatic Gate

Electricbuy provides automated gate systems for your home and business, installed and configured by specialized engineers. Automated gates are most commonly used at the entrance of a facility to control vehicular traffic entering and leaving. Various types of automatic gates are commonly used. Slide gates, swing gates, and combinations of both are common. We offer a maintenance-free remote control gate with mobile integration from our vast experience team.


·         Working drawing

·         Gate motor with remote

·         control panel

·         Wires and Cables

·         Wiring for the gate

·         Installation entire system

·         testing and commissioning


·         Additional Wiring 

How We Work

Register with us

Login to and register the service or system you require

Collecting Information

Customer requirements, modal and type selection, site photos.

Get the estimate

Our team prepares a detailed offer with full product specifications that will appear in your estimate cart

Confirm the Order

The order can be confirmed by agreeing on a payment schedule through our website

Drawing and Schedule

EB EB will make the schedule of work which is convenient for both parties after you approve a detailed drawing of the work.

Installation and Testing

As per the drawing and schedule, installation of the system will be completed by the Engineers, after the installation Electricbuy test and monitor the performance of the system




·         Offers are valid only for 15 days from the date of proposal

·         Install, test, and commission are all included in the price

·         Work that is not included in the project plan may incur additional charges. 

·         In accordance with the order confirmation, all components in the system will be delivered. (brands & Specifications)

·         All installations will be carried out in accordance with the approved drawings. If any deviation occurs, an additional charge will apply

·         Electricity must be supplied by the customer. 




·         After mutual agreement with the customer, the works will be scheduled.

·         As per drawing, all required materials must be ready at the job site before a couple of days.

·         Material delays and rescheduled work will delay installation, which is the customer's responsibility.

·         Electricbuy’s installation team will complete the process according to the schedule.




·         All work shall be completed in a quality manner and in compliance with all building and electrical codes, all other applicable laws, and all other applicable utility requirements, including appropriate grid inter connection obligations.




·         All the installed service has 2 years warranty until unless it is mentioned separately.

·         The installed system/work has been damaged by unauthorized repairs or services.

·         Damage caused by floods, earthquakes, or natural disasters.


·         Work flow for installation depends entirely on the completion of the agreed payment schedule.

·         Work schedules will be affected when payments are delayed

·         Cancellations and refunds are not permitted during or after installation

·         Electric buy management should be notified of any complaints during installation.

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