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A team always looks for improved products and upgraded installation processes.

ELECTRICBUY is an exclusive online platform to source electromechanical products and services. Our specially designed Ecommerce site and Mobile App provide customers with a comprehensive solution that enables them to select the right option, choose options, and have it delivered and installed. A well-experienced team brings you cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions for your low voltage and low current needs through our Experience Centre.

Quality products ensure a great shopping experience in
All our service work is overseen by engineers, experts, and licence holders
Warranty on service/installation is our unique highlights.

Realize, resolve and deliver

Our Mission

The goal is to incorporate the latest technology and innovation into every aspect of the project, and to ensure we approach every service in a professional manner, with quality work and products as the foundation of every project. As a team with our partners, we deliver the right products and technology solutions that fit customers need and deliver the results they want.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the largest marketplace for electrotechnical product and service in low voltage and low current sector

Our Quality

Our development strategy is based on a deep understanding of our customers. They want high-quality products and good service. we assure you the original products , the right experts and systematic work

Instead of focusing on competitors, we focus on our customers. It is about realizing, resolving, and delivering

Founder Message

For more than 20 years he has worked in sales, marketing, and product development for electrical products and solutions. He began his career as junior instructor in GOVT.ITI , Kannur. Then, he worked as a project sales engineer in Riyadh with Legrand customer service, where he spent nine years. In addition, he held eight years of responsibility for sales and product development in the Middle East for ITCC products and Eaton accessories for Electric House.

Electrical engineering is his primary field of expertise, and he lives in Kannur, Kerala. In order to give comprehensive solutions to this sector, especially low voltage and low current, ELECTRICBUY was derived from his experience and feedback from customers from the Middle East and India.

Shajahan Bamanchery

Our strategy for solving
the problems


Our online platform ( Web and App) allows customers to purchase products and book services.


Through EBECs ( Electricbuy experience centres ), customers can consult directly with our products and service experts to obtain the right product and solution for their needs.


EBET ( Electricbuy engineering team) provides our customers with installation and commissioning services for all the electromechanical products and systems.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

By partnering with the right brands and companies, we are able to get the right products and systems. A win-win solution strategy guides our relationships with customers and suppliers. We strive to get the original products to our customers from the original source.

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