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Aug -25 - 2022

Before you give your solar work , consider these 6 points

1.Engineering Team

You should hire an expert installer to install your solar energy system. Ensure they have a qualified engineering team with technical expertise and experience. If the installation team can provide a company profile with organisation chart, it will be easier for you to determine the quality of the team.

2.Company’s status

There should be a legal recognition in the country for the installation company or developer. It is far better if it is a private limited company than a partnership, an LLP, or a partnership firm to avoid the dispute later.

3.GST Invoice

Make sure your installation company provides you with the correct GST invoice. There is a 25-year warranty on the panel and a 10-year warranty on the invertor. For that, you shall keep the GST invoice with you if you need to claim the warranty. If your developers had cloud invoicing capabilities, it would be better

4.Service Centre

A service center should be available at the installation company. It is necessary to have a system that receives complaints through direct calls, whatsapp messages, emails, and registrations. Also check the reviews against the each tickets

5.Multiple option

The majority of solar developers only sell inverters and panels from one brand. You will not be pushed for a brand they hold if you receive an offer for a different brand from one developer.

6.Design & Drawing

A design including structural work and a schematic diagram for electrical installation, provided by your installation team, would be ideal. By doing this, you will be able to see how your solar system will look.

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