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Oct -21 - 2021

How long does solar PV take to pay off its investment (ROI)?

Your solar PV system's payback period represents the time it takes to recover your initial investment from the savings it generates. Your investment would generate effective returns over the lifetime of the solar system (Return on Investment (ROI)). Your initial investment would be repaid and your ROI would be higher if you save more on your electricity bills with solar. In general, commercial and industrial consumers should expect payback in three to five years, and residential consumers should expect payback in five to seven years. After you pay back the initial cost of your system, you can almost rely on it to generate energy for the next 18 - 22 years.

You should note that your solar investment will provide an assured return when it comes to ROI. Unlike other market investments which are subject to risks, solar investments yield assured returns since solar systems will always generate electricity as long as the sun is shining.

 Most major solar panel manufacturers offer warranties of 25-27 years, while some solar inverter manufacturers feature warranties of 10 years.

 Additionally, We electric buy provide free maintenance and installation for 5 years.

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